Patron Donations have kept 2nd Star alive during the economic downturn.  We still need your support to make it.  Among other expenses, playhouse and studio rental has increased as has most of our other operating costs.  We are trying to hold the cost to our patrons down.  Your tax deductible donations will hopefully make it possible. Please consider supporting the arts here at 2nd Star with a tax deductible donation of any amount. 

Donations information is included in the subscription form at this link.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated! 

A special thank you to those who donated last season:
Herbert W. Briscoe
Ernie & Nancy Clayton
William & Gail Bagaria
George & JoAnne LaBoissonniere
Robert & Frances Marchand
David & Sandy Barnes
Rosalee Anne Dalhen-Hartfield
Nancy Morgan
Charles & Susanna Einolf
Chris & Linda Stephanides
Leon D. & Nancy Pat Weaver
Angela Bright & Richard Marek
Fred and Chris Seibold
Barbara Machtey & Joseph Hashmall
Doris &  David Dasenbrock
Cherie & John Waesche
Joe & Pat Novotny
Gary C. Beaver
Nancy Tang
Sharon McNamara
Arlene DeVanghan
Joe Biddle
Steve Hudgins
Nori Morton
Al & Carol Chopey
Frances Hyatt
Dr. Norma Martof
Gary Gilliam
Susan Mather
Vickie & Russell Divilbis
Kitty Walken
Lionel Driscoll
Pamela Diamond
Bob & Anne Cullen
Sharon & Roger Doucette
Patricia Eskinazi
Russ Ideo
Virginia S. Reinhart
David & Margeret Williams
Paul & Carol Miller, Jennifer & Katherine
Cookie & Evertt Roberson
Marilyn Stommel
Emilie B.Murphy
Margaret Cullings
Mary Krok
Audry Krok
Eleanore Moore
Ellen Pearson
Eleanor Hagen
Pam Schilling
Linda Trzybinski
Harry Franklin
Rosalie Skrabak Daelemans
Cheramie J. Jackson
Hank Preiser
Debbie Lynch

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