"Anything Goes"
"Anything Goes"
2nd Star Productions'
Fall 2004
Reno Sweeney ----------------- Andrea Elward
Billy Crocker -------------------- Vince Musgrave
Hope Harcourt ------------------ Jill Vohr
Sir Evelyn Oakleigh ---------- Michael Rease
Moonface Martin -------------- Walter League
Bonnie ----------------------------- Diana Wolf
Elisha J. Whitney ------------- Martin Hayes
Mrs. Harcourt ------------------- Heidi Toll
Captain ---------------------------- Kevin Buter
Purser ------------------------------ Doug Dawson
Steward --------------------------- Wendell Holland
Bishop ----------------------------- Fred Hahn
Ching ------------------------------- Chi Yan
Ling --------------------------------- Momo Nakamura
Angels ------------------------- Heather Harris
Stacie Hering
Beth Lepley
Rebecca Placella
Kristin Kushner Riley
Hana Thornhill
Reporter ----------------------- Dianna Ladny
Photographer ---------------- Carl Wilson
Chorus ------------------------- Jeremy Eaton
Sam Edgerly
Kristina Esterheld
Caitlin Jennings
Ross Koenig
Christa Ladny
Taylor Rector
Anne Flentgen Rich

Setting sail on the S.S.American are entertainer/evangelist Reno Sweeney and her "Angels"
Reno (Andrea Elward) meets up with her old pal, Billy Crocker (Vince Musgrave), and they sing "You're The Top".
Also on board are gangster Moonface Martin, disguised as a priest (Walter League) and his accomplice Bonnie (Diana Wolf)
As Hope Harcourt, her mother and fiance arrive, the Bishop (Fred Hahn) is mistaken for Moonie, and is arrested.
Moonie, disguised as a priest, chats with the Purser (Doug Dawson) as Bonnie hides behind the bed.
At left: Hope Harcourt (Jill Vohr) and her ex-boyfriend Billy (Vince Musgrave) are reunited, singing "It's Delovely"
Bonnie (Diana Wolf) leads the Angels in the lively dance, "The Heaven Hop".
Reno (Andrea Elward) signs autographs for two girls (left: Caitlin Jennings, right: Taylor Rector).
Left: Reno tries to keep Sir Evelyn Oakleigh (Michael Rease) away from his fiance Hope by making a play for him in his cabin.
Reno leads the sailors and the passengers in "Anything Goes".