Cast of Characters - November 2009

Andrew MacLaren  Dave O'Brien
Angus Dalrymple   Brian Douglas
Archie BeatonAl Zarate
Charlie Dalrymple  Nic Petersen, Neil Puzon
Fiona MacLaren    Barbara E. Hartzell
Frank/Mr. Anderson      Ian Shantz
Harry BeatonJames Poole
Jane Ashton Nancy Britos
Jean MacLaren     Sammi Thornhill
Jeff Douglas Wendell Holland
Kate MacMillan    Malarie Novotny
Meg BrockieHannah Thornhill
Mr. Lundie   Martin Hayes
Tommy Albright   John Day
Maggie AndersonVivian Wingard
Sandy MacMillanNathan Bowen
Mr. MacGregor   Dean Davis
Sword Dancer     Zachary Fadler
Chorus:      Jacob Hastings
        Gabriel Needle
        Karen Hastings
        Victoria Brown
        Ruta Kidolis
        Cheramie Julianne Jackson
        Sarah Tighe
        Tabi Thornhill
        Claire Edwards
        Geniece Albritton
        Noah Wingard

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