Ethel  -----------------------  Kathryn Smith
Titus  -----------------------  Edward Kuhl
LilyBelle  -------------------  Heather Tuckfield
Samuel  ---------------------  Stan Hoch

Dr. Emmett  ---------------  Martin Hayes
Miss Willie  ----------------  Sheri Kuznicki

Jeffery  ---------------------  Doug Dawson
Hannibal  ------------------  Wendell Holland
Florence  ------------------  Margaret Allman
Fairy May  ----------------  Nancy P. Dall
Mrs. Paddy  ---------------  Susan Weber

Kathryn Smith as Ethel Savage
Below, with Sheri Kuznicki as Miss Willie
Martin Hayes as Dr. Emmett,
Edward Kuhl as Titus Savage
Mrs. Savage talks to "guests" Hannibal (Wendell Holland) and Fairy May (Nancy P. Dall) as Mrs. Paddy (Susan Weber) paints.
The rest of the Savages: Heather Tuckfield as LilyBelle, Stan Hoch as Samuel
"Guests" at the Cloisters: Wendell Holland as Hannibal, Margaret Allman as Florence, Doug Dawson as Jeffery
The Savage children want to know where the family fortune is hidden!
Where did the stock certificates go?  The "guests" didn't see anything,  and (at right) everyone suspects Mrs. Paddy.
Miss Willie finds the ashes of the missing stocks
in the bathtub.