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2nd Star Productions - June 2002
Sarah Brown  ----------------  Sheri Kuznicki
Sky Masterson  --------------  Andrew Baughman
Miss Adelaide ----------------  Nori Morton
Nathan Detroit  -------------  Jonathan Glickman
Nicely-Nicely  ----------------  Patrick Bangs
Benny Southstreet  ----------  Jim Reiter
Harry the Horse  -------------  Michael Rease
Rusty Charlie  ----------------  Doug Dawson
Joey Biltmore  ----------------  Wendell Holland
Big Jule  -----------------------  Dave O'Brien
Brannigan  ---------------------  Stan Hoch
Liver Lips Louie -------------  Paul Chamberlain
Brandy Bottle Bates ---------  Devin Arbogast
Angie the Ox  ------------------Dean Davis
Scranton Slim  ---------------- Andrew Exner
Society Max  -----------------  Mark Dawson
Drunk  -------------------------  Al Chopey
General Cartwright  --------  Katherine Sears
Arvide Abernathy -----------  Kevin Buter
Agatha  ------------------------  Heidi Toll
Missionary  -------------------  Mandy Wilson
Missionary  -------------------  Lydia Gonzales
Missionary  -------------------  LynneWilson
Mimi / Hot Box Girl  -------  Debra Cooke
Hot Box Girl  ----------------  Anne Staunton
Hot Box Girl  ----------------  Chandra Albritton
Hot Box Girl  ----------------  Hana Thornhill
Hot Box Girl  ----------------  Cassia Martens
Hot Box Girl  ----------------  Leslie Rauch
Hot Box Girl  ----------------  Tanya Swire
2nd Star Productions - June 2002
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Doug Dawson, Patrick Bangs and Jim Reiter as Rusty Charlie, Nicely-Nicely Johnson and Benny Southstreet sing
"Fugue for Tinhorns"
New York: the Mission Band sings "Follow the Fold"
Left: Stan Hoch as Lt. Brannigan,  Jonathan Glickman as Nathan Detroit

Below:  The Gamblers sing "The Oldest Established"
Left:  Nori Morton as Miss Adelaide brings Nathan an anniversary present

                 Below: Andrew Baughman as Sky                            Masterson lectures Nathan on the                             avoidance of sucker bets.

Sheri Kuznicki as Sarah Brown sings "I'll Know",
and Sky makes his move...