"How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" - June 2006

J.Pierrepont Finch ----------------- Ronnie Schronce
Bud Frump --------------------------  Jeff Hitaffer
J.B. Biggley -------------------------- Gordon Kiefer
Bratt ------------------------------------ Kevin Buter
Gatch ----------------------------------- Keith Norris
Ovington/Announcer---------------  Jamie Hanna
Twimble/Womper ------------------ Scott Hancock
Jenkins -------------------------------- Andre Hinds
Tackaberry --------------------------- Carl Wilson
Toynbee ------------------------------- Trent J. Goldsmith
Peterson ------------------------------- Nick Schultz
Policeman/Executive -------------- Elliott Soufiane
Miss Jones --------------------------- Carole Long
Hedy LaRue -------------------------- Kelly Reiter
Rosemary ----------------------------- Hana Thornhill
Smitty ----------------------------------- Chelsea McNabb
Krumholz ------------------------------- Kaitlin Shannon
Secretary/Scrubwoman ----------- Anastasia Albinson
Secretary/Scrubwoman ------------Emily Casey
Secretary/Scrubwoman ----------- Taylor Craig
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Above: Finch (second from right) is introduced as a new employee.  From left: Chelsea McNabb as Smitty, Hana Thornhill as Rosemary, Ronnie Schronce as Finch, and Kevin Buter as Bratt.

At Right: Rosemary (Hana Thornhill) sings "Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm".
Left: Finch's new job is in the mailroom, under Twimble (Scott Hancock), who sings "The Company Way".

Above: Bud Frump (center, Jeff Hitaffer) and the company sing a reprise of "The Company Way"
Left: "Coffee Break"
Left: New secretary Hedy (Kelly Reiter, left) are greeted with some doubt by Bratt and Smitty.
Right: The executives and secretaries sing "A Secretary is Not a Toy".
Left: Ronnie Schronce as J. Pierrepont Finch.

Above: Rosemary, Smitty and Finch sing "It's Been a Long Day".  Take the hint, Ponty!
Above: Finch and J.B. Biggley (Gordon Kiefer) sing "Grand Old Ivy".   Rrrrrip the chipmunk off - the - field!

Right: Bud Fump (Jeff Hitaffer) is plotting Ponty's downfall.
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