"Into the Woods" - 2007

Our Cast

Narrator/Mysterious Man ----------------------  Gary Seddon
Cinderella  -------------------------------------------  Pamela Day
Jack  --------------------------------------------------  Ryan Patrick
Jack's Mother  -------------------------------------  Carole Long
aker  ------------------------------------------------  Brian Douglas
Baker's Wife  --------------------------------------  Nikki Arbiter Murphy
Cinderella's Stepmother  ----------------------  Heidi Toll
Florinda  ---------------------------------------------  Linda Swann
Lucinda  ---------------------------------------------  Jennifer Toll
Cinderella's Father  ------------------------------  Bryant Centofanti
Little Red Riding Hood  ------------------------  Alice Goldberg
Wicked Witch  -----------------------------------  Christine Asero
Wolf/Cinderella's Prince  ----------------------  Greg Bosworth
Rapunzel's Prince  ------------------------------  Danny Milne
Granny  ---------------------------------------------  Robin Davis,
           Joanne Wilson
Rapunzel  ------------------------------------------  Branda Lock
Steward  -------------------------------------------  Marty HayesThe Narrator (Gary Seddon) introduces Stepmother (Heidi Toll), Cinderella (Pamela
Cinderella's Mother  ---------------------------  Branda LockDay), and stepsisters (Linda Swann and Jennifer Toll).
Giant  ------------------------------------------------ Joanne Wilson
Sleeping Beauty  -------------------------------- Sarah Tighe
Snow White  -------------------------------------- Vivian Wingard

At left: Jack's Mother (Carole Long) tells Jack (Ryan Patrick) to sell
Milky White the cow. Above: The Witch (Christine Asero) tells
the Baker (Brian Douglas) and his Wife (Nikki Arbiter) about the family curse.

The Mysterious Man (Gary Seddon) makes his first appearance,
greeting Jack in the woods.

At left: The Wolf (Greg Bosworth) dances with Little Red Riding Hood,
(Alice Goldberg) in "Hello Little Girl". Above: Jack says goodbye to Millky White.

The Witch listens to her daughter Rapunzel (Laura Cai) as they sing "Our Little World".Little Red Riding Hood sings "I Know Things Now".

The Baker's Wife listens as Cinderella sings "A Very Nice Prince" on the way back from the festival.

The two princes (Greg Bosworth and Danny Milne) meet in the forest and sing "Agony".

At left: the Baker and his Wife share a tender moment in the woods with "It Takes Two".
  Above: The transformed Witch sums up the story in "Ever After".

Above: As Act II opens, we see the main characters, who have all "gotten their wishes"
and no one is exactly happy.  At Right: The Witch (Christine Asero) sings "The Witch's Lament"

The finale: "Children Will Listen".

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