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2nd Star Productions
March 16 through April 7, 2001
Maggie (Rachel Zampelli) isn't moved by mere Max (John Parry)
Max and Tito Morelli (Joe Brunetti) share a toast
Max, as Tito, feeling confident
Julia enters, dressed as the Chrysler building
Saunders (Jack Degnan) wants to be rid of the Bellhop (Wendell Holland)
Max, as Tito, finds himself with too  many girls
The real Tito, very confused.  Nancy Dall as Diana
The two girls meet "The Family" - Heather Tuckfield as Maria, Tito's wife
Our fabulous cast, from left:  Dani Wildason, Heather Tuckfield, Joe Brunetti, John Parry, Jack Degnan, Rachel Zampelli, Nancy Dall, Wendell Holland