"The Man Who Came to Dinner" - March 2006

Our Cast, in order of appearance:

Daisy Stanley --------------------- Nancy Dall
Miss Preen ------------------------ Susan Weber
Richard Stanley ------------------ Shannon Webber
June Stanley ---------------------- Rose Talbot
John --------------------------------- Jerry Khatcheressian
Sarah ------------------------------- Patti Restivo
Mrs. Dexter ----------------------- Joanne Wilson
Mrs. McCutcheon --------------- Joan Ashwell
Ernest Stanley ------------------- Edward Kuhl
Maggie Cutler ------------------- Rosalie Daelemans
Dr. Bradley ----------------------- Todd Cunningham
Sheridan Whiteside ------------ Charles W. Maloney
Harriet Stanley ------------------- Heidi Toll
Bert Jefferson -------------------- Dean Davis
Professor Metz ------------------ Martin Hayes
The Luncheon Guests:            Sid Curl, Leo Knight
      Todd Wingard
Mr. Baker -------------------------- Al Chopey
Expressman ---------------------- Richard Blomquist
Lorraine Sheldon ---------------- Heather Tuckfield
Randy ------------------------------- Todd Wingard
Beverly Carlton ------------------- Sid Curl
Westcott ---------------------------- Al Chopey
Radio Technicians:   Martin Hayes, Todd Wingard,
      Richard Blomquist
Children's Choir: Leela Dawson, Zachary Fadler,
      Joshua Greenwald, Rachel Jollie,
      Stevie Mangum, Michael Mathes,
       Benjamin Nabinger, Vivian Wingard
Choir Mistress -------------------- Joan Ashwell, Margaret Fadler
Banjo -------------------------------- Leo Knight
Deputies --------------------------- Al Chopey, Richard Blomquist
A Plainclothes Man ------------- Todd Wingard
Above: Neighbors Mrs. McCutcheon (Joan Ashwell, left) and
Mrs. Dexter (Joanne Wilson, center) visit with Daisy (Nancy Dall, right) as they await the great man's appearance.
At right: Daisy and husband Ernest Stanley (Ed Kuhl).
At left: Sheridan Whiteside (Charles  W. Maloney, seated) emerges from the library, with Mr. Stanley, Sarah and John (Patti Restivo and Jerry Khatcheressian, back) and nurse Miss Preen (Susan Weber, right) in attendance.
At right: Whiteside takes a business call, with secretary Maggie (Rosalie Daelemans).

Below: Dr. Bradley (Todd Cunningham) just happens to have a copy of his novel .
Above: Eventually, Whiteside agrees to an interview with local newspaperman Bert Jefferson (Dean Davis).
Above:  Dr. Metz (Marty Hayes) presents Whiteside with a present - "Roach City", and with a microphone they listen to the secret life of roaches!
Above: The luncheon guests arrive.  The convicts (from left: Sid Curl, Leo Knight and Todd Cunningham) are escorted by Mr. Baker (Al Chopey).
At right: The Expressman (Richard Blomquist) delivers a
crate of live penguins, and John (Jerry Khatcheressian)
has to deal with them.
Above: Famous actress Lorraine Sheldon (Heather Tuckfield) stops by to visit her old friend, Sherry.
Above: Whiteside's Christmas Radio Broadcast, from the Stanley's home gets a bit chaotic.

At left:  Whiteside gets a welcome visit from his old pal, Banjo (Leo Knight), and a plan is hatched!
At right: Lorraine is carried away with her portrayal, and the guys spring the trap.

Below: Lorraine is smuggled out in the mummy case, as Mr. Stanley summons Deputies (Richard Blomquist and Al Chopey, behind the sofa) to remove Mr. Whiteside from the house at last.
Above: The Stanley's children, Richard (Shannon Webber) and June (Rose Talbot) return from ice skating and are invited to converse with Whiteside, who has become bored with small town living.
Above: The mysterious Harriet Stanley (Heidi Toll) shares her photo album with Mr. Whiteside. She seems very familiar!
Above: Noted writer Beverly Carlton (Sid Curl) shows his latest song to Maggie (Rosalie Daelemans).
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