"Me and My Girl"
Cast List
Andrea Elward  --------------------  Jacque
Frank Donnelly  -------------------  Heathersett
Gary Seddon  ----------------------  Sir John
Gordon Kiefer  ---------------------  Lord Battersby
Jo Rake  -----------------------------  Lady Battersby
Joe Rose  ----------------------------  Bill
John Jack  ---------------------------  Sir Jasper
Scott Hancock  --------------------  Parchester
Sue Centurelli  ---------------------  Duchess
Tiffany Shannon  ------------------  Sally
Todd Cunningham  ---------------  Gerald

Deborah Wade  --------------------  Mrs. Brown
Dennis Korber  ---------------------  Bob Barking
John Guyton  -----------------------  Cecil Worthington-Worthington
Kelly Reiter  -------------------------  May Miles
Krista Fisher  -----------------------  Mrs. Heatherset
Lesley Rauch  ----------------------  Lady Brighton
Mandy Wilson  ---------------------  Lady Damming
Shannon Webber  -----------------  Armor, Telegraph Boy
Kevin Wheatley  --------------------  Lord Wilmot, Constable
Jeff Hitaffer  ---------------------------  Pearly King
Joanne Wilson  ----------------------  Pearly Queen
Jan Kleckner  ------------------------  Lady French
Debra Cooke  ------------------------  Lady Hester
The gang leaves for a weekend at Hereford Hall
Gerald (Todd Cunningham) tells the family about the heir
Lady Jacque (Andrea Elward)
aims for the "Top of the Tree"
Bill (Joe Rose) meets his Auntie,
the Duchess (Sue Centurelli)
The family solicitor, Parchester
(Scott Hancock)
Sir John (Gary Seddon) with the Duchess