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Our Cast:
Ethel  -----------  Irene Patton
Charlotte ------  Heather Tuckfield
George ---------  Ed Kuhl
Rosalind -------  Dani Wildason
Eileen  ----------  Nancy Dall
Howard  --------  John Parry
Paul -------------  Todd  Cunningham
Richard ---------  Jack Degnan
De Guiche/extra ---  Al Chopey
Soldier/extra  -------  Shannon Webber
2nd Star Productions
The troupe in rehearsal for "Cyrano"
Charlotte (Heather Tuckfield) gives George (Ed Kuhl) a post rehearsal neck rub
Eileen (Nancy Dall) tells George
that she is pregnant
Charlotte reads a note from George to
Paul (Todd Cunningham) and Richard (Jack Degnan)
Rosalind (Dani Wildason) and Paul (Todd Cunningham)
rehearse a scene from "Private Lives"
While drunk, George (Ed Kuhl) writes a
get-well card to Ronald Coleman
Howard (John Parry) and Charlotte
applaud George's "performance"
During a performance of "Private Lives", Rosalind (Dani Wildason)  encounters "Cyrano" (Ed Kuhl) in the wrong play.
Ethel (Irene Patton) turns up in "Private Lives" to clear up the confusion
George congratulates the happy couple,
Howard and Eileen
March 2002