November - December 2005
The cast of Nuncrackers:
The kids, from left: Zachary Fadler, David Dickey,
Anastasia Albinson and Kristin Rogers.

The grownups, from left: Debi Wynn as Amnesia,
Kristen Zwobot as Robert Anne,
Kevin Buter as Father Virgil,
Amber Wright as Hubert,
Margaret Fadler as Leo,
and Carole Long as Reverend Mother.
The whole ensemble kicks up their heels in "Christmas Time Is Nunsense Time"
The Mount Saint Helen's School kids sing "Santa's Little Teapot".
From Left: David dickey, Anastasia Albinson, Kristin Rogers, and Zachary Fadler.
Father Virgil (Kevin Buter) sings "The Christmas Box".
Sister Amnesia (Debi Wynn, left) sings "Santa Ain't Comin to Our House".
Right: Reverend Mother (Carole Long) sings "A Carnival Christmas"

Standing in for Sister Julia, Father Virgil gets into the Christmas mood by baking a fruitcake, and sampling the rum!
Left: Reverend Mother as the Sugarplum Fairy.

Above: More of the Nutcracker ensemble.
The nuns sing "Three Hundred Sixty Four Days".  From Left: Amber Wright, Debi Wynn, Carole Long, and Kristen Zwobot.
At right: Sister Robert Anne (Kristen Zwobot) sings "Jesus Was Born In Brooklyn", as the kids pose  by the manger.
The gang performs "In The Convent" a la the Village People's "In the Navy".
Sisters Mary Leo, Robert Anne and Hubert (choreographer Tiffany Shannon) sing "The Three Kings".
The kids sing "The First Noel" (Leopards).
After winning the lottery, the sisters sing "Gloria" and "A Brand New School".
Right: Reverend Mother (Carole Long) sings "A Carnival Christmas"

Below: The kids sing "The Holly and the Ivory".
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