2nd Star Productions
March 2004
(in order of appearance)

Speed    Jerry Khatcheressian
Murray    Todd Cunningham
Roy          Dave O'Brien
Vinny      Jack Degnan
Oscar Madison    Ed Kuhl
Felix Ungar   Gary Seddon
Gwendolyn Pigeon    Lesley Miller
Cecily Pigeon       Deanna Kreutz
The guys meet at Oscar's for the weekly poker game. From left: Vinny (Jack Degnan), Roy (Dave O'Brien), Murray (Todd Cunningham) and Speed (Jerry Khatcheressian).
Above: The guys hear Felix crying in the bathroom, and hope he's not trying anything desparate.
Felix (Gary Seddon) admits that he took a whole bottle of pills!
Oscar (Ed Kuhl) gives Felix a massage to help him relax.
Oscar the slob offers to let Felix move in....
...and the weekly poker game just isn't the same with linen napkins and gourmet sandwiches.
Oscar tells Felix that there is more to life than cleaning, so he.....
...invites the Pigeon sisters, Cecily (Deanna Kreutz) and Gwendolyn (Lesley Miller) to dinner, featuring Felix's London Broil.
But Felix's sob story puts a damper on the evening.
Oscar has had enough of Felix, and the strain on their friendship begins to show.
Finally, after an argument, Oscar tells Felix that he must move out immediately.  (But all ends well.)