Winnifred     Amy Chase Martin
Queen Aggravain    Diana Wolf
King Sextimus the SilentMarty Hayes
Prince Dauntless    Jeff Hitaffer
Sir Harry Vince Musgrave
Lady Larken   Jeanne Louise
Minstrel  Joe Rose
Jester    Jud Wegner
Wizard        Frank Donnelly
Sir Studley    Dean Davis
Sir Luce            Kevin Mescher
1st Knight     Mike Esterheld
2nd Knight    Al Chopey
Lady Rowena/Nightingale    Theresa Riffle
Lady Merrill   Sara Collison
Lady Lucille        Mandy Wilson
Lady Maybelle           Kaitlin Shannon
Princess No.12     Tiffany Shannon
Ladies in Waiting: Emily Casey
Sarah Egan
Heather Harris
Dianna Ladny
Carole Long
Celeste MacMillan

Queen Aggravain (Diana Wolf) and Prince Dauntless the Drab (Jeff Hitaffer)
Lady Larkin (Jeanne Louise) sings
"In a Little While"
The Minstrel (Joe Rose), the King (Marty Hayes), and the Jester (Jud Wegner) sing
"The Minstrel, The Jester And I"
The Queen and the Wizard (Frank Donnelly)
plot to keep Dauntless from marrying Winnifred
Princess Winnifred (Amy Chase Martin) and
Prince Dauntless
Princess Winnifred sings of "The Swamps of Home" to the Ladies-In-Waiting
The conclusion of "Song of Love".  End of Act One