In order of appearance:

Sasha Smirnoff ------------ Richard Blomquist
Gordon Miller --------------- Jerry Khatcheressian
Joseph Gribble ------------- Jack Degnan
Harry Binion ----------------- Jose De La Mar
Faker Englund -------------- James McDaniel 5th
Christine Marlowe -------- Dani Wildason
Leo Davis -------------------- Alex Campbell
Hilda Manney -------------- Rose Talbot
Gregory Wagner ---------- Jerry Gietka
Simon Jenkins ------------ Rick Hall
Timothy Hogarth --------- Marty Hayes
Dr. Glass --------------------- Al Chopey
Bank Messenger --------- Shannon Webber
Senator Blake ------------- Jack Diehl

February 25 - March 19, 2005
2nd Star Productions
at the Bowie Playhouse, Bowie, MD
The guys meet their prospective financial backer, Mr. Jenkins.  From left: Jerry Khatcheressian as Gordin Miller, Rick Hall as Mr. Jenkins, Alex Campbell as Leo Davis, and Jose De La Mar as Harry Binion.
To avoid eviction from the hotel, the guys "persuade" Leo, the author, to fake an illness.
The next morning, Miller, Davis (with "measles") and Binion play cards and try not to think of food.
Hotel waiter and aspiring actor Sasha (Richard Blomquist) agrees to bring the guys food in exchange for a role in the play.
Mr. Hogarth (Marty Hayes) from the collection agency tries to repossess Leo's typewriter.
"Room service" arrives and a feeding frenzy ensues.
Dr. Glass (Al Chopey, right) does not believe Leo is ill with a tapeworm.
Hilda, the hotel secretary (Rose Talbot) confronts Leo about misleading Sasha in order to get food.
Mr. Wagner (Jerry Gietka, left) doesn't realize that Miller has received financial backing from Jenkins.
Dr. Glass is discovered bound and gagged in the bathroom, to keep him from revealing that Leo isn't ill.
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