"Run For Your Wife" - 2007

Our Cast:

Stanley   ---------------------  Todd Cunningham
Troughton   ----------------  Robin Davis
Barbara  ---------------------  Susannah Hoffman
John  -------------------------  Gary Seddon
Mary  --------------------------  Rosalie Daelemans
Bobby  -----------------------  Jose de la Mar
Porterhouse  --------------  Martin Hayes
Photographer  ------------  Cheryl Hamilton
Detective Sergeant Troughton (Robin Davis) interviews the missing husband, John Smith (Gary Seddon).
At left: John explains his "schedule" to neighbor Stanley Gardner (Todd Cunningham).
Above: Wife Barbara (Susannah Hoffman) wonders where John could be.
After hearing of his "assault" and heroism, a reporter (Cheryl Hamilton) tries to get John's photo for the papers, as wife Mary tends to his injuries, and Stanley keeps the other wife busy on the phone.
A followup to the missing persons report brings Detective Sergeant Porterhouse (Marty Hayes) to Barbara's house.
Barbara is kept busy talking to upstairs neighbor Bobby Franklyn (Jose' de la Mar).
Stanley keeps wife Mary (Rosalie Daelemans) from suspecting John's double life.
John has told Mary that he's been having an affair with Stanley, much to Stanley's surprise.
Bobby visits from upstairs, having spilled red paint that is leaking into Barbara and John's apartment.
Mary collapses in confusion amid the convoluted lies from John, as Det. Sgt. Porterhouse and Stanley look on.
The cast of "Run For Your Wife".
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