"Scrooge, the Stingiest Man in Town" - November 2006

Our Cast:

Scrooge --------------------------------------- Ronnie Schronce
Bob Cratchit --------------------------------- Thurman Rhodes
Fred --------------------------------------------- Danny Milne
Two Gentlemen ----------------------------- Gordon Kiefer, Al Chopey
Mrs. Dilber ------------------------------------ Lesley Miller
Hawkins ---------------------------------------- Brett Harwood
Lead Caroler/Head Beggar -------------- Gordon Kiefer
Four Beggars --------------------------------- Debe Tighe, Sarah Tighe,
       Wendell Holland, Al Chopey
Ghost of Jacob Marley -------------------- Kevin Buter, Jamie Hanna
Ghost of Christmas Past ----------------- Marty Hayes
Mr. Fezziwig ---------------------------------- Al Chopey
Mrs. Fezziwig -------------------------------- Debe Tighe
Four Clerks ----------------------------------- Stevie Mangum, Kory Kinney,
Chris Scruggs, Danny Milne
Young Scrooge ----------------------------- Carl Wilson
Belle -------------------------------------------- Caitlin Jennings
Ghost of Christmas Present ----------- Wendell Holland
Mrs. Cratchit --------------------------------- Margaret Fadler
Peter Cratchit -------------------------------- Chris Scruggs
Belinda Cratchit ----------------------------- Sarah Tighe
Billy Cratchit --------------------------------- Stevie Mangum
Annie Cratchit ------------------------------- Angeleaza Anderson
Martha Cratchit ----------------------------- Alicia Osborn
Tiny Tim Cratchit --------------------------- Zachary Fadler
Betty -------------------------------------------- Kristin Rodgers
Susan ------------------------------------------ Elizabeth Seaman
Alice ------------------------------------------- Sammi Thornhill
Topper ----------------------------------------- Kory Kinney
Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come
Bob Cratchit (Thurman Rhodes) asks for Christmas Day off from the bitter Mr. Scrooge (Ronnie Schronce)
Nephew Fred (Danny Milne) is rebuffed for wishing Uncle Ebeneezer "A Happy Christmas".
The chorus sings "An Old Fashioned Christmas".
The beggars sing "The Stingiest Man In Town".
Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his partner, Jacob Marley (Kevin Buter) who sings "I Wear a Chain".
They visit a Christmas party at old Mr. Fezziwig's house, where Young Scrooge (Carl Wilson) dances with his girlfriend, Belle (Caitlin Jennings).
Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past (Marty Hayes).
The Ghost of Christmas Present (Wendell Holland) visits Scrooge amid a ballet of toys who have come to life.
They first visit the Cratchit household, where Martha (Alicia Osborn) sings "Yes, There is a Santa Claus".
Then they visit the home of Scrooge's nephew Fred.
Mrs. Dilber (Leslie Miller) and Hawkins (Brett Harwood) discuss their treasures scavenged from Scrooge.
With a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Future, the demon dancers do the "Devil's Ballet".
Confronted with his Past, Present and Future, Scrooge repents, and asks for the chance to mend his ways.
The Cratchit's receive the surprise Christmas gift of a Turkey (from Mr. Scrooge).
Scrooge joins them to celebrate, singing a reprise of "Yes, There is a Santa Claus".
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