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Front row from Left: Krystal LaFianza-Pitzen, Jonathan Glickman,
Diana Wolf, Christine Asero John Day, Pamela Turpin, Jim Reiter

Back Row: Andrew Baughman, Margaret Allman, Babara Ellis Zeller, Julie Kurzava, Tom Zielinski, Nori Morton, Hans Bachmann, Joe Brunetti, Sue Centurelli
John Day and Joe Brunetti
"Lend Me A Tenor" (1996)
Nori Morton and Donald K. Smith 
"Can-Can" (1997)
Christine Asero
"Nunsense" (1996)
from left:  Nori Morton, Sue Centurelli, Diana Wolf,
Krystal LaFianza-Pitzen, Christine Asero
     "Nunsense"  (1998)
The cast (and friends) post-show at Chili's, after closing.
Sue Centurelli and Margaret Allman
"Into the Woods" (1996)
Julie Kurzava with Krystal LaFianza-Pitzen
"Camelot" (1997)
Jim Reiter teaches Donald K. Smith
"The Foreigner" (1997)
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Pamela Turpin
"Carousel" (1998)
Tom Zielinski with Christine Asero
"The Fantasticks" (1998)
Julie Kurzava and Tom Zielinski
"Sweeney Todd" (1998)
Sue Centurelli
"A Little Night Music" (1997)
Jim Reiter
"A Funny Thing Happened
On The Way To The Forum" (1999)
Jonathan Glickman
"Oklahoma" (1997)
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Margaret Allman and Hans Bachman
"I Do! I Do!" (1999)
Tom Zielinski as Tevye
"Fiddler On The Roof" (1999)
Tom Zielinski and Jonathan Glickman
"Man Of La Mancha"  (2000)
John Day and Pamela Turpin
"Brigadoon"  (2000)
Julie Kurzava
"1776" (2001)
Jonathan Glickman
"1776" (2001)
Andrew Baughman
"1776"  (2001)
Barbara Ellis Zeller
"The Sound Of Music" (2001)