The Miracle Worker
presented by 2nd Star Productions
September 2008 at the Bowie Playhouse in Whitemarsh Park, Bowie, MD
Our Cast

A Doctor --------------------  Rich Church
Kate Keller  ----------------  Tania Rosa Bindhoff
Captain Keller  ------------  Edward Kuhl
Martha/Student  ----------  Rachael Church
Percy/Jimmie  ------------  Zachary Fadler
Helen Keller  --------------  Vivian Wingard
Viney/Crone  --------------  TiaJuana Rountree
Aunt Ev/Crone  -----------  Susan Weber
James Keller  -------------  Stevie Mangum
Ila/Crone  -------------------  Debe Tighe
Annie Sullivan  ------------  Rebecca Placella
Mr. Anagnos  -------------  Fred Hahn
Beatrice  --------------------  Lindsay Benefiel-Hayes
Alice  ------------------------  Nicole Todaro
Laura  -----------------------  Katie Dymek
Sarah  -----------------------  Audrey Young
Belle the dog  ------------  Trinity